Finding a bed for your dog may seem like a simple task but the fact of the matter is that it isn't always as simple as driving to the store and picking out the first "cute bed" that you lay eyes on. There are quite a few different factors to take in to consideration when picking out your dogs bed including your dogs age, your dogs personality and any health concerns that you have over your dog. On top of the dog centered factors that you must take in to account there are also things such as the space you have available to place your dog's bed in! Find more info on dog bed here.

Dog beds come in all types and varieties including cedar filled beds, bolster beds, orthopedic beds, simple padded beds, cots, cave beds, corner beds, nest beds, heated or cooled beds, slumber ball beds and framed beds. These choices may seem as simple as picking the one you like the most but there is actually a lot that should go in to picking your dogs bed and we're not just talking about the size of your dog either!

Cedar filled beds generally look very similar to general padded beds that are available in most pet stores. Cedar filled beds are often used by families who are worried about their dogs bed becoming odour filled and causing their house to smell. Cedar filled beds can serve this purpose rather well but there are several drawbacks to choosing this type of bed for your dog. Cedar filled beds are particularly odorous and if you are not keen on the smell of cedar then this is definitely not the bed for you. Cedar filled beds are also not as comfortable as cotton filled beds and do not offer as much padding or protection to your dog from the hard floor. Cedar filled beds also pose a problem for families with dogs that have the instinct to disguise their scent. Certain individual dogs maintain the instinctive need to hide their scent from predators by rolling in anything that they feel will disguise their smell. Due to the fact that the smell of cedar is so strong it lures in these particular dogs and as a result these dogs will often be found rolling on their beds so that they too smell like cedar. Having a dog that smells like cedar may not be a significant problem but again, if you are not fond of the smell of cedar or if you have a dog with sensitive skin allergies then a cedar filled bed is not the bed for you.